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Body Enhancement Herbs

Indication: Traditionally used for general health, dizziness, lower back pain and soreness of knees.

Orally, 3 tablets once for adult, 3 times daily, to be taken with warm water

  • This is a traditional medicine.
  • If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor
  • Keep in a cool and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children

Radix Rehmanniae Praeparata(77mg), Cortex Paeonia suffruticosa(37mg), Rhizoma Dioscoreae opposite(54mg), Poria cocos(47mg), Rhizoma Alismatis orientale(46mg), Fructus Corni officinalis(49mg)



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Product Description


Replenishing blood and tonifying Yin.


Tonifies the Liver; Tonifies the Kidneys; Benefits the Liver; Benefits the Kidneys; Strengthens; Restrains.


(1). Effect on circulation
(2). Anti micro organism
 (3). Anti inflammatory, and effect on immune system 
(4). Effect on CNS
 (5). Effect on secretion of water and sodium when dosage is increased.


To replenish the spleen and stomach, to promote fluid secretion and benefit the lung, and to strengthen the kidney and restrain seminal discharge. Rhizoma Dioscoreae (stir-fried with bran): To replenish the spleen and promote the stomach function.


(1). Promotes Urination and Drains Damp
For urinary disorders with pain, difficulty, or dribbling, edema, dizziness, vertigo, and diarrhea. For many disorders associated with damp and water in the lower jiao. 
(2). Drains Kidney Deficiency Fire
For spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, and nocturnal emissions associated with Kidney fire possibly due to damp heat.


Analgesia, calm, lower the blood sugar, and lower the blood fat.

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